ASP Services

We are able to offer many of the solutions based on use of the R/V Platform as ASP services. Both estimation and data provision services, and some risk analyses have been and are being used by customers. The data provision and estimation services have the advantage that only publicly available information and information derived from that is being transferred across the internet, while in order to use risk analysis ASP services the client has to send his confidential position information to the ASP server and will receive confidential risk statistics in return.

Perhaps the most typical use of ASP services is one in which a customer has his own risk analysis system – either based on the R/V Platform or on other vendor’s or in-house solution – but he needs e.g. volatility and correlation estimates as inputs for simulation based analyses. In such a use the customer system launches either automatically or upon specific request the required estimation tasks on the ASP server, which sends requested results back to the customer system in readily input-able format.

ASP service provides a flexible possibility to use our solutions and products physically on servers operated in our premises. Economically this may be the justified delivery option in applications in which the analysis procedure is rather standardized and the frequency of reporting is on a daily or less frequent basis.