CD Financial Services (CDFS) provides consulting and advisory services to identify manage and control financial, business and strategic risk arising from revenue, cost, foreign exchange, interest rate and commodities fluctuations, counterparty exposures and liquidity constraints.

CDFS also offers ASP services related with financial and risk management areas on its web site

CDFS aims to add value by providing the latest theoretical and practical expertise on risk management and performance measurement tailor-made for the client’s benefit.

CD Group provides a full range of financial consulting and calculation services to manage any institution’s or business’ financial valuation and risk management. Our services make it possible to start expanding the risk management with comprehensive projects.

Our main areas of expertise are:

Stress Testing and Liquidity Stress Testing
With comprehensive, simulated risk valuations for your financial positions and scenarios we provide you a clear picture what emerges in various stress tests.

Valuation Services
We simulate the value and risk for your financial products including investments and derivatives.

PD Estimation
Probability of Default Estimation simulates the probabilities of default for any counterparty according to their cash flows and market volatility.

Impairment Testing
For enlisted companies we simulate profit expectations for their sub-divisions according to sub-divisions’ cash flows and volatilities.

Securities Market Line
We build you a securities market line with given enlisted companies for you to estimate your and your competitors’ positions.

Alpha Coefficient Estimation
We calculate the alpha coefficient from potentially very large number of risk factors and relatively complex derivatives contracts with path simulation.

Delivery Options
You can choose between stand-alone installation in your premises, ASP service in our premises or consulting services for a one-time project.

  • ASP Service
    We can deliver all services cost efficiently with ASP service.

Risk Management Consulting
Our strong theoretical know-how combined with professional market expertise assure that the results are presented in a clear and understandable format.

Dynamic Hedge Management Calculation Services
Dynamic Hedging is an alternative or an addition to the conventional hedging instruments such as forwards, futures or options with some advantages.

Risk Analysis and Data Estimation Calculation Services
We offer various calculation and data services related with financial and risk management areas on its web site.