R/V Platform - Introduction

The R/V Platform is designed to provide a fully integrated, yet fully modular system platform for risk and valuation analyses and financial and corporate planning. On this platform a large variety of different financial applications can be implemented.

The underlying idea about the modular integrated system is twofold. On one hand, it recognizes and addresses the fact that the various tasks of complex risk management, valuation and related analyses are best performed outside but yet interfaced with general front, middle or back office systems. On the other hand, the architecture also supports partial solutions based on consistent and powerful methodology, where there is no need for a large application set.

The users of all the applications implemented in the R/V Platform benefit from any upgrade and development work related with the calculation server, as all the applications share the core components of the server.

By its fundamental design the R/V Platform is a genuine scalable multiple users' multiple applications system compatible with cloud computing.