VAR+ is designed for value-at-risk analysis of market risks, i.e. risks caused by exposure of financial positions to fluctuations in interest rates, exchange rates, stock prices and commodities prices.

The system meets the recommendations for internal models set out in January 1996 by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

 The user can choose either Monte Carlo simulation or historical simulation for determining the risk exposure. In addition to the simulated value-at-risk levels of any portfolio, VAR+ provides the user with complete distribution of his portfolio's change value. Also a variety of user-defined studies are available for stress testing and other market risk related functionalities.

VAR+ is capable of measuring risk of positions consisting of a large number of instrument types, including many complicated derivatives instruments. The software applies the full valuation method, whereby the nonlinearity of risks in complex derivatives positions is fully and accurately captured.

VAR+ is capable of analysing very large and complex portfolios. The system is available as both stand alone and network solutions. While the system was initially designed for banks and financial institutions, special features and functionalities for corporate and fund management applications have been and are being implemented in it.

All functions and reports of VAR+ are available and supported in the R/V Platform.

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