CD Group, established in 1990, is a privately held company specializing in integrated risk management solutions and simulation based software applications for financial market users. CD Group is located in Helsinki, with partner companies in Europe and Far East, i.e. Tieto Group, Espoo, CGI Group, London, Addlink Software Cientifico, Barcelona, TecFinance Lda, Lisbon.

CD Group consists of a software division, CD Financial Technology, and a financial and risk management services division, CD Financial Services. The group has, throughout its existence, been involved in planning, implementing and executing sophisticated large-scale derivatives operations for corporates. Also, the group has completed several tailored projects for banks and financial institutions in market risk, credit risk and related areas. All this accumulated experience has been shared in software development and has proven to be crucial in risk management software design and testing work.

CD Financial Technology (CDFT)

CDFT develops and offers software solutions for financial risk management and instruments trading. These solutions are primarily focused on market- and credit risk analysis, measurement, monitoring and pricing. Solutions are targeted and have been implemented for banks and financial institutions, asset and fund management entities, and corporations.

CD Financial Services (CDFS)

CDFS provides consulting and advisory services to identify, manage and control financial risk arising from foreign exchange, interest rate and commodities fluctuations. CDFS also offers calculation services related to financial and risk management areas on its web site. The first piece of such services is a data and estimation service using CDFT developed DATA+ 3.0 system. On the web site customers can access the DATA+ server and obtain time series of market variables on desired frequencies, statistical estimates such as volatilities and correlations, betas, kappas and gammas, and their histories.